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Smile Brighter with Our Exclusive In-House Membership Plans! in Frisco

Introducing our Dental In-House Membership Plans

Designed to provide you with comprehensive dental care without the hassle of:

  • No Yearly Maximums
  • No Waiting Period
  • No Deductible
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Ideal plans to match your needs

  • Child Plan: $239/year* (Under 12)
  • Adult Plan: $339/year* (12 and above)

Get access to exclusive benefits with our membership plans

  • Preventive Cleanings (2x/year)
  • Doctor Exams (2x/year)
  • X-Rays as needed
  • 20% Off Most Other Dental Services**
  • Available immediately

* $50 One-time enrollment fee per member

* Exclusions may apply

Access Exclusive Benefits With Every Visit

Maximize Your Savings:

  • Get Over 40% Off with Our Inclusive Plan - Doctor Exams, Professional Cleanings, and Annual X-Rays Included!
  • Get Over 40% Off with Our Inclusive Plan - Doctor Exams, Professional Cleanings, and Annual X-Rays Included!

Affordable Restorative Treatments:

  • Unlock a 20% Discount on Fillings, Extractions, Crowns, and More, Not Covered by Your Plan!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our dedicated office team is ready to assist you with the enrollment process and schedule your appointment. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to set up your visit.

This in-house insurance plan cannot be used with dental insurance. It is specifically designed for patients who either do not have insurance or choose not to utilize their existing coverage.

The plan discounts apply to a wide range of restorative services such as composite fillings, crowns, bridges, implant restorations, and more. However, please note that discounts do not apply to surgical, cosmetic, or orthodontic procedures, as well as consumable dental products like toothpaste, bleaching, and electric toothbrushes.

The plan fees are non-refundable, and the benefits cannot be transferred. Each member of the family would need their own individual plan.

Membership fees are due on the day of joining the plan, and your membership becomes effective immediately upon receipt of payment. Plan membership fees must be paid using cash, check, or debit card.

Please note that credit card payments will incur a 3.5% surcharge. The membership period lasts exactly 12 months from the day of joining, and it is your responsibility to maximize the plan benefits within this timeframe.

To avail of any discounts, you must remain a plan participant for the entire duration of the recommended treatment. Please be aware that this oral health/discount plan cannot be used for dental treatment related to injury claims involving external medical, car, disability, or workman’s comp insurance.

Once you enroll in the plan, simply schedule the necessary dental work, and our team will automatically apply the applicable discounts. There is no paperwork or additional hassle required to benefit from these valuable discounts.

Your preventive regular care under this plan includes a comprehensive doctor’s examination, annual x-rays, and professional cleaning.

No, there are no limitations or waiting periods for any current or future dental needs. You can begin utilizing the plan benefits immediately upon enrollment.

Our plan is designed for continuous yearly membership as long as you have teeth. The total amount will be billed for a year and is non-cancellable prior to the completion of the annual term. If you wish to cancel after one year, simply contact us, and we will discontinue your plan accordingly.

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